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A BO is a long stick usually made out of wood or bamboo. A full-size bo is also sometimes called rokushakubo. . Other types of bo range from heavy to light, from rigid to highly flexible, and from different types of woods. The martial art of wielding the bo is BOJUTSU. The basic purpose of the bo is to increase the force delivered in a strike through leverage. A relatively small motion made at the point of contact between the user and the bo results in a much faster, more forceful motion made by the tip of the bo furthest from the user. This enables long-range crushing and sweeping strikes. The bo may also be thrust at an opponent, basically allowing for a punch from long distance. It can also be used for joint-locks, thrustings of the bo that immobilize a target joint, which are used to non-fatally subdue an opponent. The bo is a weapon mainly used for self-defense, and can be used to execute several blocks and parries as well. Martial arts techniques, such as kicks and blocks, are also often combined with the weapon techniques when practicing this martial art to enhance its effectiveness. There are stick fighting techniques native to just about every country on every continent. The word "bo" is merely the Japanese word for wooden staff weapons. (Wikipedia)